How About them New gTLD’s?

A few years back the kind of boring world of domain names just got super excited by the introduction of the new gTLD. The abbreviation gTLD stands for ” generic top-level domain” and they are one of the categories of top-level domains (TLDs) maintained by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA) for use in the Domain Name System of the Internet. Naturally Namesilo as the top notch domain name register that they are has a ton of these new bad boys available at some very affordable prices. Generally it’s a good idea to grab one of them to make Your business stands out of the pack. Everybody has a .com or .net but how about the new .online or .top for example? They add an additional layer of sophistication and uniqueness to Your brand and currently a lot of them are offered with deep discounts -like right now you can buy a .online domain for just $1.99!

In this article we will discuss buying gTLD domain name. Read on to learn more about buying gTLD domain name. In this advanced world of internet and technology there is so much information readily available at a moments notice whether it by your phone, tablet, palm pilot and or home computer or laptop. This is definitely the technological age and one that I’m eager to continue seeing advancing everyday. I never thought as a kid that i’d see a touch screen phone and retina scanner etc. It’s a beautiful thing and domains are quite common and something you use everyday and may not even know it. These are 20 common TLDs: com, net, org, info, biz, mobi, name, museum, pro, cat, aero, asia, coop, jobs, tel, travel, edu, gov, mil, int.

Finding more info about domains is not easy and requires some effort and will take a experienced user in order to find the right and wrong info needed to learn more about domains name. Business by up domain names in hopes to drive traffic to there web pages and in turn hope that by doing so they will get foot traffic at there business or store which will hopefully cover the costs of operating the web page etc. Businesses will advertise on there web pages and purchase similar sounding web pages all to get more traffic to there website. Running a business requires a lot of work from payrolls, scheduling, operating costs, and of course advertising which in some ways can cost more than all of the other expenses put together.

You can pay a firm or hire a company to take care of all your advertising expenses. Buying gTLD domain name is a part of advertisement and a good one if done properly. Lets first answer one of the most common questions and that is Can anyone get a TLD? The answer is simple and that’s a no. To attain a TLD requires that you meet certain criteria on many levels which can be technical and financial. Reason for the misinformation is that media coverage seems to portray that just anyone can run a domain extension and the harsh reality is that it can’t be further from the truth. These requirements and supports are put in place to prevent spammers and those alike from trying to abuse these domains.

And to end this short tutorial on a “shopping” and “savings” terms – Namesilo do offer a bunch of these new fancy gTDLs and you will be crazy not to use one of the Namesilo coupon codes, promo codes and other deals we have posted. So go grab a great sounding new domain name with a fancy new gTDL and save a little with the codes!

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