How to Use a Namesilo Coupon

Oh boy, really? Do we really have to talk about “How to use a Namesilo coupon” here? LOL, it’s OK and not a problem, we know some folks are to exactly tech savvy so let’s do this!

Using a coupon on our website can not be any easier. What you need to do is go to the Home Page, once there look around and see what Namesilo coupon codes and deals are available at the moment – we have some good ones here, here and here right now. Than find the code you fancy the most ( usually the one that gives the best discount, right? Check the full list of available codes right here if you’d like) and just click on the little square that’s right by it . This one click will copy the code to Your clipboard for further use, You don’t need to memorize it or anything else – just click. From there you will taken directly to Namesilo’s offal website. After you are done picking Your desired domain name – make sure you get the right TLD or if you’d like get one of the new fancy ones like .club or something – you will be prompted to the checkout page. Once there just look for the box labeled “Have a coupon or Promo Code” and with your mouse do a right click and paste the coupon there. It will look something like this here in the screenshot :

namesilo coupon checkout

The Namesilo’s system will automatically apply the savings and you can just continue from there and pay with Your preferred method.
So that’s about it, as promised nothing hard or scary;) Just click and paste when asked for a code. Namesilo has ridiculously low prices per se but with one of these coupon codes you can save a little extra. And why not! Some companies don’t “believe” in offering promo codes and deals but when you have a chance – go ahead and save a few dollars if it is an option, right? As you probably know already the best coupons from Namesilo are for just $1 OFF discount. Yes, that won’t make you rich but a dollar is a dollar! Now that you have saved it you can buy something else:) Not a big thing, LOL but still, this dollar is now all yours. Do whatever you want with it! This your very own dollar saved, courteous of . Now if you are a savvy webmaster you should spend that dollar or a better web hosting or a better logo for your website. Remember – little things sometimes make a HUGE difference and if you have any opportunity to make your blog or website any better you must do it, no questions asked.

Enjoy the savings!

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