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Namesilo already has ridiculously low prices on new domains and domain transfers but now you can save an extra $1 with NameSilo Coupon code MEGA, SAVE$$$ or 1CASH.

Some might say ” Wait, what? Just a buck?” and they will be right it – the discount offered ain’t that much but these are THE BEST NameSilo coupons out there. NameSilo already has super low prices and they just can’t offer a substantial price cut via their coupons – there’s not much left to cut! Some domain registers rely on the gimmick to have initially high prices and than they offer substantial percentage discounts with their promo codes ( that’s if You are a savvy buyer and take the extra step and search for one, some people will just pay the full list price) , but the final out-of-pocket expense will still be HIGHER than what NameSilo offers right off the bat. There is literally no room for comparison and debates when it comes to prices : NameSilo has the cheapest domain names in the industry. Just take a quick look at this chart and see how much you are saving with NameSilo as Your domain register even without using a coupon ( well , you are at my site so obviously use for example this code for saving an extra buck )

namesilo coupon compair prices

NameSilo clearly and soundly beats all the other guys by as much as $42. Crazy…

You probably know this but still let me tell you something about domains – no matter where you buy them from, it will be the exact same thing, 100% of the time. It’s not like buying web hosting for your websites. Buying hosting is hard, there are many options and things to consider : speed, reliability, up-time, bandwidth, customer service ( doesn’t it looks like something always goes wrong…?:), should it be shared, or VPS, or dedicated and etc etc questions that you need to look at long and hard before you spend your money. But when you are buying a domain name – the only thing you need to pay attention is the price. Easy. Simple. No brainer. The register with the lowest price should get your money 100% of the time because it’s the same exact thing they are all selling. There’s nothing else to worry about, just search for the cheapest price and start your next big project. And I don’t wanna repeat myself but will do it anyway – the cheapest domains are over at NameSilo! That’s why when i though about making this website I knew it will be a popular site and an easy sell. There’s nothing shady about the company , no need to exaggerate things, no need to over-hype their product – as long as you can compare 2 prices you will know which one is better:) . Everybody who happens to stumble upon them is mildly shocked by the price difference between NameSilo and pretty much everybody else. And I’m saying “stumble upon” because NameSilo is not a big spender when it comes to promotions and ads. I had websites for like 2 years until I heard about them. This is no “1 and 1? or ” GoDaddy” type of spending heavily on ads company. They keep a low profile and just do their thing. Their business strategy is not to blanket the net with ads and than pass all that money spent to the consumers in the form of higher prices, multiple addon services and up-sales. Nope, NameSilo is what you might call ” old fashioned” – no fancy ads and other fluff, just good low prices.

Another thing to have in mind is the free WHOIS privacy that comes with every domain name sold by NameSilo. Most of the other registers treat this as an extra and charge more. I don’t know about you but I consider the WHOIS a big deal and have it on all my sites. It just doesn’t make sense to leave your personal info – name , address, phone, email etc- out there for anybody to see or scrape, use and abuse. There are plenty of people who “mine” the WHOIS data and than spam you to death with countless promos and other crap. Some might say the WHOIS is about hiding when you are running a shady website but to me it’s more about keeping your privacy. And yeah, sure if you are running a NSFW blog or something you definitely don’t want your neighbors and coworkers to know about it;) NameSilo is pretty cool that they don’t charge extra for this.

One other thing to mention since we are talking about privacy – NameSilo offers all the popular payment methods like PayPal and Credit Cards but also Bitcoin. This is not something offered by many registers so it’s good to have it mind in case you want to pay that way.

Damn .. This post is already at 900+ words ?? I better stop, I didn’t mean to write so much about the domain name register, this is a simple NameSilo coupon site and so much writing is not recommended – you come, grab what you need and off you go to bigger and better things. But the words stared rolling and I couldn’t stop writing ?? LOL, hope I didn’t bore you much .
Enjoy the savings ( one big dollar, buy yourself something nice will you?:) with this NameSilo coupon codes and offers and good luck with your websites!

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